Acupressure is good for you

Stress pain tension

If you experience stress, pain, tension, schedule a massage with Joëlle Follette

The biggest benefits of my variety of training and extensive experience is that I truly address all aspects of your person. I can  touch sore spots and help your mind relax, not just your body.

 My clients' chief complaints are pain and stress.

While we have a session, you are the only person that matters. It is all about  you.

Massage therapy benefits

Do you experience back pain? Are your neck and shoulders tight? Are you stressed out?

Acupressure and Massage benefits everyone. Joëlle has over 25 years of experience in Asian bodywork therapy and in Western massage therapy.

My style is unique. I use a variety of massage techniques (Shiatsu, Acupressure, Tui Na, Thai Massage, Myofascial Release,  Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage) in my practice. I work on the  musculo-skeletal system, the fascia and meridians to improve mobility and reduce pain. I look for the root cause of  your pain, stress, or discomfort to restore physical and emotional health.

I will always be very respectful and caring.  I listen to your requests and your feedback, and pay close attention to  your reactions.  My knowledge, intuition and your feedback help you  heal and find balance and well being.

feel better

I met Joelle after multiple surgeries and other treatments for breast cancer and reconstruction

Joelle consistently comes to the massage table and her work with unusual skill, sensitivity, compassion, and positive energy......a healing presence that clearly comes through in her hands.

I find her approach holistic, very effective, and individually customized to the fortunate person on her table.

I typically come to an appointment carrying the common stresses of living and out of balance.

I always leave with the “dots connected”, so relaxed, and much more aligned in body/mind/spirit.....embodied and in balance again.

Joelle brings many years of massage experience to her work, smoothly integrating different techniques, and guided, it seems, by what your body/mind needs on any particular day with ongoing goals always in the mix.

Joelle is a pro......get ready for a transformative experience!

- Mrs D


$90 for 60 minutes $50 for 1/2hour $140 for 90 minutes

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Please be aware that prepaid bookings are non refundable