Massage Techniques


Acupressure is an ancient healing art that uses the fingers to press key points on  the skin which release muscular tension, stress and promote the  circulation of blood and the body’s Chi. It is the power of healing  touch instead of needles used in acupuncture. Its many benefits include pain relief, sleep quality, stress relief.


Shiatsu is the modern Japanese form of acupressure. This massage technique focuses on  unblocking the flow of life energy and restoring balance in the meridians and organs in order to promote self-healing. Zen Shiatsu helps figure out the root cause of your pain and issues. 

Tui Na

 Tui Na  has been practiced in China for over 5000 years. It involves a wide range of hand techniques, including pushing, grasping, pressing, rubbing, rolling, tapping, stretching, kneading. They stimulate acupoints and are applied to muscle or soft tissue at specific body locations. They help clear energy blocks along  specific meridians associated with particular conditions. 

Thai Massage

 Thai Massage is traditionally performed on the floor, but Joëlle adapted most of it to the table. It is very dynamic and is excellent for your joints, and your overall flexibility. It is both relaxing and energizing.   

Sports massage and Deep tissue

Sports massage is a Western technique used to  prevent injuries, or helps recover from them. It can also help remove lactic acid.  Joëlle has worked with a number of runners and helped them prepare for a Marathon.

Deep tissue massage helps release chronic muscle tension.


"Joëlle listens, both to my words and my body. She combines what I tell  her with her excellent instincts for where my pain is and what will bring relief. Sometimes she'll do something that seems counterintuitive;  I've finally learned to stop being amazed when it works. I can still  feel the positive effects of her work days later. I depend on her to  help me find my balance!" 

- Kristin

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